BB-NCIPD Ltd. (Bul Bio) and Stablepharma Ltd. have entered into partnership to produce the world’s first fridge free Tetanus Diphtheria vaccine

Published at: 2021-03-19

Press Release –

Headline: BB-NCIPD Ltd. (Bul Bio) and Stablepharma Ltd. have entered into partnership to produce the world’s first fridge free Tetanus Diphtheria vaccine

Stablepharma Ltd today announced a collaboration with the European vaccine manufacturer BB-NCIPD Ltd. (Bul Bio), to develop a thermally stable version of the Tetanus diphtheria (Td) vaccine using the patentented StablevaX™ formulation and device.


We have established a strategic R&D partnership, alongside a statement of Intention for the future development and commercialisation of the StablevaX Td product – this is an excellent and exciting opportunity for both parties,’ said Stablepharma’s Managing Director and Co-Founder, Nick Child


Stablepharma’s partner BB-NCIPD Ltd. (Bul Bio), founded in 1881, supplied ~9% of the global demand for Td vaccines in 2019 according to WHO data. The global demand for the Td vaccine is estimated to be around 270 million doses, and continues to grow mainly driven by WHO’s recommendation in 2015 of moving from Tetanus alone to the Td combination vaccine. WHO projects the demand to grow to 410 million doses by 2030.


Fact: Global Td vaccine demand is currently around 270 million doses, estimated to grow to 410 million by 2030.



This is a timely and opportune moment to partner and progress this R&D programme with an innovative vaccine stabilisation company.  We look forward to working with the team at Stablepharma’ said Dr. Roumen Kofinov, General Manager  of BB-NCIPD Ltd..


Fact:  In 2030, 9% share of the Td vaccine market will equate to 37 million doses.

As part of the supply agreement, BB-NCIPD Ltd. will provide Stablepharma with their bulk Tetadif vaccine which will then be converted to the StablevaX formulation to produce a thermally stable version.


We have developed a positive working relationship with BB-NCIPD Ltd. over the last year and have been working on signing an R&D and commercialisation deal with BB-NCIPD Ltd. so we are very pleased. Tetanus & Diphtheria containing vaccines market is expected to reach $7bn by 2027 and BulBio is one of the five WHO PQ’ed suppliers of the Td vaccine globally. Our aim is to produce the world’s first fridge free Td vaccine,’ added Stablepharma’s Board Director and Head of Strategy, Ozgur Tuncer.



Stablepharma have already shipped the first batch of Stablevax products with BB-NCIPD Ltd. starting the in vivo challenge trials this week, a series of trials, all conducted to WHO protocols, will be run with further batches that have been stored at 45 C that are due to be shipped later this month. The aim is to prove that a thermally stable StablevaX version of the standard Td vaccine will be as effective as the standard fresh vaccine.


Furthermore, Stablepharma has been awarded an Innovate UK grant in November 2020 that will be used to finance GMP pre-clinical trials for the StablevaX Td vaccine. The award will help progress Stablepharma and BB-NCIPD Ltd.’s Td programme forward up to human clinical trials.


The animal challenge trial data produced by BB-NCIPD Ltd. will be invaluable, as Stablepharma move forward with the First in Human Clinical Trials, the company will be looking to develop other stable vaccines from a ‘candidate list’ of over 60 approved vaccines that now potentially includes some of the Covid vaccines.


Nick commented ‘’The StablevaX invention is the culmination of decades of work by Stablepharma founder Dr Bruce Roser, who focused on the preservation of perishable vaccines, that require constant & precise refrigeration from the factory to the patient, be it in a UK Hospital or a clinic in Africa. The WHO estimates that c 50% of all vaccines are wasted, if we can help to solve that problem, we can alleviate significant suffering and save many lives, this would be a tremendous outcome for all of us’’.




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