Бул Био - НЦЗПБ ЕООД произвежда над 600 лекарствени продукта и медицински изделия. Моля изберете категория:


BB-NCIPD Ltd. is a commercial company, 100% state-owned, with over 130 years of history.

The management is introducing European standards in personnel training, staff motivation and incentives, improving constantly the educational and qualification level of the employees.

The production nomenclature covers more than 600 medicines, divided in two main groups: human medicines and in-vitro diagnostic medicine products. As result of the research and development activity of the company specialists, there have been implemented new technologies meeting the highest requirements of the international standards.

Eminent specialists, having higher education and highqualified specialists with secondary special education, who are 60% of the company personnel, work in the manufacturing, control and quality assurance.

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